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I am planning to deploy Office 2010 to 800 users in four different locations across the US in less than 11 weeks.  We have been notified everyone needs to be on Office 2010 because messaging is migrating from Exchange 2003 to 2010. Here is my project plan for the rollout

Week 1 (Febuary 27th - March 5th)-Finish Testing Deployment
Week 2 (March 6th - 12th)-Finalize Beta List and Begin Deployment
Week 3 (March 12th - 19th)-Finish Deployment and Begin Testing
Week 4 (March 20th - 26th)-Testing
Week 5 (March 27th - April 2nd)-End Testing
Week 6 (April 3rd - 9th)-Begin Deployment
Week 7 (April 10th - 16th)-Finish Deployment
Week 8 (April 17th - 23rd)Training at SIte
Week 9 (April 24th - 30th)Training at Site
Week 10 (May 1st - 7th) Training at Site
Week 11 (May 8th - 14th)Training at Site
Week 12 (May 15th to 21st)-Confirmed Messaging deloyment and test

Please comment and add suggestions
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I no longer work for that company (due to emigrating, not dismissal!!) so no I don't,  but it was something along the lines of:

On <insert date> your version of MS Office will be upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2010. In order to minimise disruption, this will be completed out-of-hours.
For the upgrade to run smoothly, on the above date please ensure you LOG OFF of your computer, but leave it SWITCHED ON. (You should be able to see the Ctrl-Alt-Del prompt)
If you have a colleague that is away on this date, please switch on their computer before you leave for the evening.

<-- then we put in a section about speaking to the departmental "IT expert" in each area that had been on the initial training (that I mentioned before) before they logged any calls with the helpdesk.

<-- I believe we also gave people the option of letting us know if that date was inconvenient for any reason. This had to be a damn good reason though!! - i.e. they were running something business critical that night, in which case we moved their PC into the next upgrade group for the night after.

<-- also something about raising any training needs with their manager

<-- This was sent out about a week in advance, then the further reminder was something brief like

Please remember to LOG OFF of your PC but leave it SWITCHED ON <tonight (or whatever date)> due to the essential upgrade of MS Office
Are you deploying from a local server at each site? Otherwise there are bandwidth issues to take into account.

Have you taken into account that a new GPO adm will be required for Office 2010 ?

Would it not be better to let a few people, e.g. high profile users/ admin staff to attend a training session before you deploy Office 2010. From your schedule above, people could have the new software for two weeks before receiving any training. Its quite a big change, especially if you're going from 2003 to 2010. (not so much if you're going from Office 2007)

We deployed this to 2500 users in London.
A month before the deployment we arranged a couple of seminars detailing the differences between Office 2003 and 2010, then arranged a couple of training sessions where we invited high profile users, admin staff and a few of the more "IT literate" users to attend.
This way, when we rolled out to the departments, if users had any questions before their own training sesson (run the week after the installment) then those users could approach the people that had been to the previous seminars/training for advice.
This approach worked well and saved our helpdesk from receiving lots of calls

ITimagingAuthor Commented:
Good points .. What would you suggest as a deployment method?
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We packaged it and sent it out via SCCM. We did a complete uninstall of office 2003, then installed 2010 (the business made the decision not to do an upgrade)

Each seperate office had its own server set up as a distribution point.
Between 50 and 100 PC' were targetted each night, (depending on the size of the department)
Deployment started at 6pm and ran overnight. We asked all users to leave their PCs logged OFF but switched ON, on the night of the upgrade.(this was communicated to them, via email, 1 week before, 3 days before and the morning of, the upgrade)
We did not do deployments on a Friday as this would mean leaving PCs on over the weekend.

We opted to leave the advert running, so any people who had switched their PC's off, got the install the following morning. I would recommend expiring the advert if you think you may have bandwidth issues.
ITimagingAuthor Commented:
Can you clarify what do you mean about the advert?
ITimagingAuthor Commented:
What are some important key points to have a trainer go over? We are pushing out Standard And Pro?
The "advert" or advertisement is what SCCM uses to schedule deployments of applications.
Do you already have SCCM or SMS set up in your environment? If not, then there's no way you can deploy it this way

Sorry, I'm a techie!! Have no idea what was covered on the training !! We had a seperate in-house training department that looked after that side of things. I would imagine one of the main points would be the complete change of menu structure though, and how to find the most commonly used functions (creating tables, numbering lists, inserting symbols etc)
ITimagingAuthor Commented:
We are using Kaseya for our deployment
As far as software deployment goes, thats fairly similar. Just specifiy a time you want the deployment to start (the same as my advert would do). We opted for 6pm as this meant it would not create any network issues while users were in the office.
ITimagingAuthor Commented:
Just to compare notes do you have a copy of the email you sent out to your users before the rollout?
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