Scheduling an Oracle Stored Procedure

I have a SP called spTest under Employee Schema. How do I schedule this SP to run 6 Am every day? I would like to use the DBMS_SCHEDULER than the old DBMS_JOB. How would I do that? Please help.
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jaiminpsoniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Enable the schedule?

When you send argument like....

enabled => TRUE

It gets added as enabled...
niazConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This link explain oracle  DBMS_JOB and discuss Job scheduling in different scenario.
You need something like this.....

      job_name => 'TEST_SCHEDULE'
     ,job_type => 'PLSQL_BLOCK'
     ,job_action => 'begin employees.spTest end; '
     ,start_date => '08-Mar-2011 06:00 AM'
     ,repeat_interval => 'FREQ=DAILY'
     ,enabled => TRUE
     ,comments => 'Testing the schedulee.');

Also, this link will help you....

I hope this helps you to start with...
codemonkey2480Author Commented:
Thanks for the links.
Do I need to ENABLE it then add it to the Scheduler Queue for it to work?
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