Steps to change exchange 2007 domain name

Good afternoon,

I administer an exchange server for an organization that recently split up, and the side I went with (company A) got the exchange server.  However, the other side (company B) got the domain name.  Our current setup sends mail though, and I need to change it to

I have to contact the DNS host have have them change the MX records, and also contact my ISP for reverse dns on the external I.P. address.

I have added the new domain as an accepted domain in exchange.

What else needs to be done in order to make sure that everything works correctly when we decide to throw the switch?
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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. add the mx record for to point to your exchange server (Done)
2. Configure on your exchange server as authoritative (DOne)
3. Change the recipient policy to assign email addresses at and set them as "primary address" (org config -> hub transport -> email address policy)
4. Run a script to remove from all the aliases
5. remove from the accepted domains
abhijitmdpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The steps provided by Akhater is really good, but apart from all these you'll also go through the certificates and correct configurations of your client access server role and hub transport roles.
You'll need to attach a new certificate with your exchange and assign all services to this as well.

You can also follow below article
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