How to develop cascading dropdown in mvc 2.0

i want to make a cascading dropdown in mvc 2.0 frame work.i would like to take dropdown like as state and city.
once i choose state the city dropdown is fill accordingly,without post back of page.I would like to choose the data from the database
as state table and city table.Could you please help me to provide the code.
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jmcmunnConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Basically, you'll want to catch the change event on the first dropdownlist and fire off a call to a JsonResult returning action in your controller most likely.  That method will return the datasource for the second dropdownlist.

You should read the discussion here:

Which will lead you to looking at the MVC music store example...
nicemanishAuthor Commented:
well i did not get the proper solution
We're not here to write your web app...did you have more specific questions?
nicemanishAuthor Commented:
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