How do i maintain the session in mvc 2.0 application?

How do i maintain the session in mvc 2.0 application?
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Ray PaseurCommented:
What programming language are you using?  

What exactly do you mean "How do I maintain the session"?  What are you trying to do, and what is not working?  Do you understand the basic ideas behind session for web projects in general?

Are you new to MVC or new to web programming in general?
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nicemanishAuthor Commented:
i know to maintain the session as but i am using new frame work that is mvc framework
for that aspect i want to know maintain  the any one did maintaing session in mVC framework?

Are you talking about somehow persisting a session and storing it for later?  Perhaps you could take advantage of a workflow if that is the case.

As for regular session, it is no different in MVC as far as I know.
make sure tot enable <sessionState mode="Off" /> to on web.config and use the same way as session.
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