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Cannot recieve email on Exchange 2003 Server

I had to reinstall a sbs 2003 server due to a failing hard drive. The server is fully functional on all levels except for the fact that I cannot receive any external email. I can Telnet via port 25 from outside my network. I can access OWA from inside and outside my network. I am using a FIOS router that has a static IP, utilizing port forwarding to my inside IP address of the Exchange server. I am at my whits end about this problem. I have restored many exchange servers in the past without any issues. What else could it possibly be?
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Have you tested from MX toolbox.com?
What about the SMTP test on www.trstexchangeconnectivity.com?

Does www.canyouseeme.org show port 25 as being open?

Uninstall any firewall/AV on the server and see if it can receive mail after that.
techsquaredAuthor Commented:
Funny thing is I'm able to pink my FQDN and hit the Static IP address from my router... I'm not able to look up the mX record on mxtoolbox.com though.... I was also able to make sure that port 25 was open using canyouseeme.org.

I don't have any firewall or antivirus enabled on my server at this time. just the router acting as the firewall. It shouldn't be this complicated really.
Just a suggestion - redo your MX record with your ISP.
techsquaredAuthor Commented:
I was doing that right before you commented back... seems to be working from certain NS.... looks like it will just take some time to propagate... Thanks for your help!!
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