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how to link in scene3


i have scene one... i create a button call handphone and link it to scene 2 with nice picture or tab.
and i create it using MC. In this MC with nice picture or tab i want to create link. the link will change the info in the same page.

My problem now is when i create the content for different link, the content auto loop or run by it self. it doesnt listen to my event handler.

why and how to fix it.
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I am sorry the question does not explain the problem well enough to provide a solution. Kindly share your fla please.

Warm Regards
Deepanjan Das
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From above pic

scene 1
  in scene1 i create a layer call content, in the content i create a MC called TabcoverMC.

 in TabCover MC i want to create a few button or page. example page1, page 2, page3

when i click page1 information of page 1 will show in the tab and if i click page 2 information of page 2 will show at the tab..

how to do this?
the tab = tabcoverMc

tabcover = i create a new MC call tabcover1MC
Where are the different pages located - in other scenes?

Warm Regards
Deepanjan Das
the difference is at my scene1 i have 4 button named business, about us, contact us and galleries.

i use key frame to change each page.

now i my business i want to create more link such as page1 , page2 etc
i try to use the same method in scene1(keyframe) to do it but failed.

example: in page 1 i key in page1 named as page1_frm and page 2 named as page2_frm

i want page 2 show only when i click the page2 button.

but when i run the movie.. it auto show page1 and page2 repeatedly. Looping... i cannot control the event..
i successfully done this in my scene1 where when i click busness, business page showed and when i click about us about us showed
It will be difficult to suggest without the fla in this case.

By the way you may try using a stop() in each frames in the movieclip that contains the pages.

Warm Regards
Deepanjan Das
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