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Page won't Requery


I have a simple equations that if a text box equals zero value then the "Closed" check box equals true to show that the order is closed.  My issue is that this only works if the form is closed then re-opened. Say the order is 10 and we ship 5 and I leave the form open and ship the remaining 5 later in the day, the code won't work. Although if I ship 5 in the day close the form then re-open it later in the day the code works. I assume this is some kind of requery or refresh error. I've tried different variations of the requery and refresh without any luck.

Any suggestions on what I'm missing here?

If Me.[Text36] = 0 Then Me.Closed = True
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Try to put your code in the After Update Event of your Text36 field.

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The code is attached to a command button. The button also prints the shipper.

No did't work, the code is under a command button too. I don't know if that makes a differece?


If Me.[Text36].Value = 0 Then Me.Closed = True

Nope, I have the format to general number too thinking that was the problem.
I assumed that Text36 is an unbound textbox by which its control source is a formula. Can you post the equation/formula?

Text40 is the Quantity minus the total shipped from the subform.
[Quantity]-[ShipRecords subform].Form.Text12

The DisplayQty is a module I wrote to not have the #Error.

Text 40 is
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If you change the check box's control source to


Then is will change whenever Text36 reaches zero.

This may be of use if the checkbox is only being used to display the closed status. If you also want to store the closed status back to the table then you will need a little code in the form's AfterUpdate event. THis is becuase using the above formula in the Control Source of the checkbox unbinds it from the table.

The code I am using is on a command button when clicked. When the operator pushes the button the computer is supposed to evaluate the results of Text36 and decide to close the check box which is in the table and needs to be stored.I'm confused on changing Text36 to = 0 in the control source?
I just spent some time playing with this, and Lambert's answer is spot on.

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