Problem distributing the rdp file in Terminal Services.

I have an application that is made available via Terminal Services 2008.  On the Terminal Services server I create an MSI installer. The option to do this is available in TS Remote App Manager. So the MSI is created on the Terminal Server. I then copy it to the client. I launch it and it spawns an .rdp file.

For some reason upon launching the .rdp file I get an error that says "Cannot open C:/Program Files/xxx/xxx/this.exe . " It seems it tries to access the executable locally for some reason. Is there something I'm doing wrong which would cause this behavior. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Is the software you are trying to publish written in Microsoft's ClickOnce technology?  If so, it will run in a terminal server session but not as a RemoteApp or even a Citrix app.  

jazzcatoneAuthor Commented:
No it is not.
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mahrens007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if you look at the shortcut path, does it look similar to this:
"C:\Program Files\RemotePackages\WINWORD.rdp"
jazzcatoneAuthor Commented:
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