scanner sharing on network

is there any free software which can share scanner over network
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WhiteSeedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
can you try BlindScanner, I have used last year it for a while, but it worked well
All the new multifunction printers with built in network ports come with network drivers for both scan and print. Just set up a multifunction Brother printer that was super simple to set up and integrated right into the Windows 7 Fax and Scan Application.

Much simpler than trying to share scanning through a computer.
If the scanner supports network scanning it will usually be included in the software that comes with the scanner.  You may need to install the software on each computer you want to be able to scan from.  Which Operating System are you using and what scanner?  
techpAuthor Commented:


 I have used last year it for a while...did u stop using ? if so why ?
I stopped using it because I bought a printer that supports the networking but I was fine. I used this program for about one month and a half
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