SonicWall TZ100

I am looking into the buying this small appliance for my office but want to know if it will allow me to take multiple public ips and point them to internal addresses on my server going to different websites.
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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, it will. how many servers/web sites do you need to split out?

keep in mind (you may already know this), when you run the public server wizard to open the ports and NAT the traffic to the internal hosts, you've bound port 80 (HTTP) to that public IP. if you want to bind another internal server, you have to either change the port 8088 or change the public IP address. if you change the port, the external URL will have to specify this as well.

how many internal hosts do you have going through this sonicwall? it's small so it's processing ability is limited.
jdonagheAuthor Commented:
We only have two websites running off the box. The traffic on the websites is minimal.  I purchased a cisco small business router only to find out it did not have the NAT capabilities we needed so I wanted to make sure this one did.

yep. as an added bonus, use the KB below for information about the public server wizard.
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