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Outlook calendar delegate doesn't receive neither meeting acceptances nor read receipts

Single Exchange 2007 mailbox server and both PCs with Outlook 2003 SP2.

Scenario and requirements:
Typical executive / secretary relationship where the secretary requirement is to help the executive manage his calendar. Secretary should be able to create, edit, delete calendar appointments. Secretary's Outlook tracks messages for all items sent. I have shared the executive's calendar and made the secretary a delegate of his calendar. Secretary is able to create, edit, delete calendar appointments on executive shared calendar from her Outlook client.

When a recipient accepts a calendar invite created by the secretary on the executive's calendar, the calendar acceptance and read receipt go to the executive's Inbox instead of the secretary's Inbox.

When the secretary creates a calendar appointment on the executive's calendar, the calendar acceptance and read receipt should go to the secretary's Inbox. When the executive creates a calendar appointment on his own calendar, the calendar acceptance should go to his own Inbox.

What permissions am I missing? I would've thought that the delegate permission model would've taken care of this...however, when I think about it...the owner of the mailbox and thus the calendar is the it makes sense that calendar acceptances go back to the executive's it even possible to accomplish what I'm describing? I'd appreciate your assistance...thanks.
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Thanks for the comment. Again, that's where I'm leaning toward...but before I close this question I'd like to hear from others as to what they think about this..I know this is a somewhat popular issue and I'm sure there's gotta be someone out there with this problem.

I understand   :)
i hope i have made clear that what u want is not possible in exchnage
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I appreciated your comment, but it didn't give me the solid answer I was looking for; yes it is possible and here's how you do it....or no, it is not possible and here's the Microsoft KB article that explains why it's not so. I think you were on the same boat as I was especially when you said "i dont think it is possible"...I also didn't think it was possible when I posted the question, thus I wanted solid documentation so that I could show the users that it was not just me and my subjective thinking. Thanks again.
hey bndit

i just want to understand whether u found any conflicting answer what i just said

fine thanks
thanks DrUltima for your comments :)
hi ModCorlEEone

I want this question to be closed by accepting my initial response as answer   http:#a35077406