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Unable to Access HP 9050 via Internet Explorer after IP address change

We went through an IP transisition and in doing so had to update the printer IP address.  So to change the IP address I opened IE typed in the printer IP address and changed it via the network tab.  Once changed I could not connect back to it via IE.  I went the the printer and check to make sure I was using the correct IP address and sure enough I was.  Is there a possible setting that has changed that would prevent access through internet explorer?

Thanks, James
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Rob Hutchinson
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You should be able to check the IP settings from the small LCD console:

You can choose to print out a menu map to see where to make this change.
reread your question, can you ping the printer IP address?

Maybe there is a proxy setting in IE preventing access. Can you check this under:
Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN Settings button
Did you change the IP range to another subnet, or did you just change the IP to another on the same subnet? If the subnet has changed, did you also make sure your PC has changed it's IP to be on the same subnet as the printer?
remeber also that you might also need to modify the subnet and gateway as well as the IP address depending on the changes made to your network.

    Maybe DNS issue. After doing a ipconfig /flushdns, can you reach the printer?
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Sorry for the late response, here are some details.  When I updated the printer I updated the static Ip, Subnetmask, Default Gateway, and DNS server addresses.  The PC I'm using has all the same updates (it uses DHCP tho) as the printer.  I tried an ipconfig/flushdns to no avail.  The proxy setting in the IE have not changed so I don't know why that would be an issue?  In fact there are no proxy settings used i.e. none are checked.  I can reach other model printers i.e. HP 8150s just not HP 9050s.  I'm still a little stumped,  any help is appriciated.
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Holy sh**, really I cannot believe that worked.  Thanks for the obvious, you are the man.