Finding numeric value of month - Excel 2007

If I have the three month alpha liiteral for month in a column (A1),  and I would like to use it in a sumif how would I code the compare.  In the folllowing example I would like to substitute the '1'.

moriniaAdvanced Analytics AnalystAsked:
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barry houdiniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you mean you have "Feb" or "Mar" in A1? If so then you can convert that to 2 or 3 with

=MONTH(1&A1) so you can use that in the SUMIFS formula


regards, barry
Ardhendu SarangiSr. Project ManagerCommented:
what are you trying to do... can u pls explain more?
Ardhendu SarangiSr. Project ManagerCommented:
thats a nifty little trick barry! i like it... ingenious
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