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Resolving mac address to IP or Computer Name

I am trying to find a way to resolve MAC address to ip address (or to Computer Name) on my enterprise network running windows server 2003 and XP.

I have a bunch of mac addresses from one of our switches but no IP's or computer name.

Is there a command or tool that will do this?

I already know how to resolve IP to MAC but not the other way around.
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   arp -a

lists the IP/ARP correlation table currently in the computer's arp-cache. Try that first and then you could try pinging all IP's and then doing "arp -p".

Instead of attempting to manually resolve, just login directly into the switch. You should see somewhere within your management interface depending upon the type of switch, a listing of IP's and MAC addresses associated with the IPs.
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Using the Address Resolution Protocol might help

arp -a
at a command prompt

See if that's close to what you need
If you are running Cisco switches you can find out the ip address if you know the mac

show arp | include <mac-address in xxxx.yyyy.zzzz format>

You can also do a partial mac in the command as well and it will return the corresponding ip/mac relationships.

If you do this on a regular basis or need to, there is a tool by ManageEngine which will do switch port mapping for you.  It will tie the ip address, mac address, and tell you what port the device is plugged into.
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I will give these a shot.

We have Alcatel switches by the way. Garbage

       If you have DHCP servers.
Doing a "netsh dhcp server dump >***\dhcpDump.txt" may help. There you have all the address leases and reservations with their mac address.
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Yeah that's what we ended up doing. I knew about exporting the list in DHCP but that wasn't what they wanted until i showed them it was the easiest way to do it.

Thank You
Sometimes the boring way is the best! :-)
Checking the DHCP won't reveal MACs of any fixed IP-addresses though.

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Thanks a lot