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Best Tablet PC for handwriting with stylus for screen writer

What would be the best tablet pc in a 10" size range that can be used with stylus for handwriting recongnition?  I have a client who is a screen play writer and looking to purchase tablet pc that he can use to write with but also use for reading scripts, internet surfing, email, with wifi capibility, as well as camera, music player, etc....

Not sure IPAD is way to go so looking for other recommendations I can present to him.for review.

Any recommendations would be appreciated
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Wait for the blackberry play book!
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Suggest something lile the Viewsonic Viewpad 10 - dual boot Windows 7/Android device:


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Isn't the playbook only a 7" screen?  Same size as Samsung Galaxy?
View Pad 10 has mini VGA hookup.  Looking for something with mini hdmi.  Most important is handwriting recognition.
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Rob Knight
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I'm surprised, myself, by this solution - only because the solution here appears to be Windows 7 support, the way I'm reading it.

After all, the ViewPad 10 also has Win 7. Many computers, however, run an operating sytem which performs a given function natively. This does not mean that OS also supports the particular hardware they have for that function.

Can anyone clarify whether it is the device+OS combo which makes this the best choice (at time of writing, obviously).

I have a ViewPad 7 - I'm not looking for support, merely curious and confused - as might those who need help ;)


I think it was the combination of handwriting recognition via Stylus (better supported OOB on Win 7 than other OS which are more focussed on finger operation), Mini-hdmi (which the Viewpad lacks) and the ability to read scripts (and presumably annotate) on as well as the web-surfing and other functions.