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Bind9 : Ping problem


I have a domain name : "linux.local" .Sometimes i can ping it from the xp sometimes i cannot, and Sometimes i can ping just "linux" and sometimes not, this is making me crazy , please help
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Here are a few troubleshooting tips for you:

How are the two machines connected?  Interface to interface or switch or router?

Are the links (interfaces) up?  Check that the green lights close to the ethernet ports are constantly on.

Did you try using IP addresses as well?

How is the IP to domain name conversion taking place?  Is there a DNS?  Is Windows machine using this DNS on Linux?
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I'm using Vmware Network Adapter set to Bridge both, i can ping the ubuntu server from the xp vmware with no problem, but ping failed when i try to ping linux.local

Do you have a good detailed website how to install Bind9 on ubuntu step by step?
how can you explain guys, the error of : there is a double name in the network !!!! i only have ubuntu Server and 1 XP !!! What the hell is this problem?
Two different IP addresses sharing the same domain name
i don't understand .... ok how to resolv this?
Do you have a situation where a virtual host and a real host or two virtual hosts have the same ip-address?
In one single network, no two devices can have the same IP address
ubuntu server has

XP has

they are all in vmware using Bridge mode
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In your XP Network properties, tcp/ip, advanced, DNS tab: add "local" to the DNS suffix area.