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If you look at the attached picuture you can see how sharepoint is sorting my documents. I need it to sort by more digits than it is.  

I dont want it sorting like


I need 02-65 Above 02-100 if that makes since. If not please let me know.
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wantabe2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I had the same issue. It's all in the sort setting unser site actions. Take a look at this link, it gets you to the area you need to adjust the sort settings.
navtej_dhillonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sharepoint is considering this field as string and sorting it on String basis only, i.e. why u r not getting ur desired results (Bcoz Name is a mix of string & int).

I don' think u will be able to modify this sorting behavior in SP, instead u can try creating another column based on this Name column and sort basis on that custom column.

rstahl08Author Commented:
Looking at your link want I need to enable Publishing Features.  Unfourtanly that feature is only in MOSS 2007-10. Not 3.0, so I guess I need to seek approval for 2010 purchase :-)
I think  navtej dhillon is right- we had a similar problem with a document library for meeting documents, where the documents needed to be listed in the order they appeared on the agenda.  We created a column called Agenda Order of type number and used it to sort the items in the library.  
rstahl08Author Commented:
I will justy have to play around with it. Thank you!
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