Problem in Windows 7

Hello experts:

I've spent 2 days trying to solve this problem. I have a legacy application that writes to the Registry.
If I run it from the C:\My folder\LEGACY.EXE it runs fine.
but if I run it from C:\PROGRAM FILES\APPLICATION\LEGACY.EXE, it does not work.
What difference is there between running it from the c:\ vs the c:\Program Files

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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
I don't have any idea why running from another folder off the root directory would work, but this page explains the changes to Windows Vista and Win7 which are causing your problem:
aleghartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
c:\Program Files is not normally write-enabled for applications.  Newer applications write to AppData hidden folder.

Legacy apps write to files in the program directory.

Have you tried running it in compatibility mode for WinXP?  Right-click the program > Properties > Compatibility
lancerxeAuthor Commented:
Yes I have tried running with the compatibility and it still did not work.
I may have to rewrite the legacy application.
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Or alter rights on that folder so users can write to it.  Not ideal, but it's an alternative.
wantabe2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
try turning user access controll off, reboot, then try running it again.
lancerxe, any feedback?
lancerxeAuthor Commented:
I was able to find the source code and debug the application and it generated this message.
Login failed for user: The user is not associated with a trusted  SQL sever connection.

The user id I'm using is sa and the password looks correct. This application worked fine in windows xp.

lancerxeAuthor Commented:
Added a new login and password and it still fails.
lancerxeAuthor Commented:
Ended up recompiling the application using VS 2005.

Thanks for everyone's help.
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