Data table relation with two different data types

Trying to add a relation for two different data tables that the releated columns have different data types.

Both columns have the name of screen_no but one table is Int16 and the other is Int32.
I am getting the error "Parent Columns and Child Columns don't have type-matching columns"

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DowntownITAuthor Commented:
I was able to do something completely different and bypassed this issue all together.
Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
wont work
even sql server does not allow that
promote int 16 column to int 32 because in that way you wont be loosing anything
DowntownITAuthor Commented:
Thanks raqi, unfortunately I don't have control of the source of the columns but can change anything in the data table(s) as needed and that is where I am getting hung up. Don't know the best approach to doing that.

Thanks again,
DowntownITAuthor Commented:
Went in a different direction
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