Exchange 2007 Distribution Groups

we have a Exchange 2007 server, with many Dist Groups
there is one in particular Mail-Enabled Universal Distribution Group
that when staff sent a email to this group it has 100 external users and a few internal
a few of the external users had there out of office notifications on, so then what happened everyone in the dist group was getting these notifications...

is there something I did wrong in creating these groups?
some additional security settings that need to be done?  can one prevent others from replying to dist groups?  
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OctInvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Mail Flow Settings tab, then Message Delivery Restrictions properties, and as Adminmaster says, tick the box that states "Require that all Senders are authenticated".
its a checkbox in the distribution group properties
nutekconsultantsAuthor Commented:
hmmm, I am in the properties and do not see any checkbox, is there some specific tab?
octinv is correct . that is wht i meant. thx octinv .
Glad the solution worked for you Nutekconsultants. I think these should really Adminmaster's points as it was his suggestion, I simply expanded on it.  
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