oops another Cas array question

The cas array name internally is going to be the FQDN, so if my domain is: ln.acme.com

the FQDN for the cas array in my internal DNS would be cas.in.acme.com

but what would it be on the SAN certificate? Would it be cas.acme.com or would it still be cas.in.acme.com? My cas servers are internet facing

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Is acme.com your externally-known domain as well?  How are you load-balancing the services when accessed from outside?

At a minimum you need:
1. Name listed in External URL for the OWA, ECP, EAS services, e.g. mail.acme.com
2. autodiscover.acme.com

That would allow clients to discover services and then connect to them without seeing any errors.  At this point, your load-balancing solution should be able to distributed traffic to actual servers.  This could be Exchange publishing through ISA, TMG or similar or it could be through an actual hardware load balancer. Ideally, it won't be through DNS round robin or NLB.
Your cas array name has to be in the san certificate or else you will end up having outlook certificate warnigs.

Your cas name can be cas.in.acme.com or cas.acme.com totally your decision

Your casarray name does not need to be in the public dns, it doesnt need to be resolved from outside
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