Need some help writing an SQL statement.

I use Spiceworks on my network at work, and I need an update sql statment that will replace the existing ID file anywhere there are ticket ID numbers with a number that is 10109000 less than what is there. I foolishly thought setting a number that was the date was a good way to go for the helpdesk tickets. I was wrong. I know that purchases, comments and tickets all the use and link tickets together by their ID, and I've looked through the other tables, but I probably missed something. It's been awhile since I wrote any SQL and my guess is that someone can post it quickly for me.

So, in a nutshell I need to replace the ticket ID with a number that is 10109000 less than what exists now. For example:

ID = 10110015 would be changed to 1015. (10110015 - 10109000) = 1015

James B. (Brad) HaleSenior I/T TechnicianAsked:
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SharathConnect With a Mentor Data EngineerCommented:
Probably you can add a WHERE conditio to update only those IDs which are greater than 10109000.
Update your_table set ID = ID - 10109000 WHERE ID > 10109000 

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Alex MatzingerDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Update <your table> set ID=ID-10109000
Alex MatzingerDatabase AdministratorCommented:
I'm sorry, i got caught up with the last little bit, and forgot to include the condition.  Could you please give me an example of when you would like to update the ID.  Such as you have ID1 ID2 and ID3, and you need ID1 changed becasue ID3=X but ID2 doesn't need to be changed because it equals Y...or somtehing like that.  Thank You.
if i read correctly what you meant to say i believe this is your query:

SET ID=ID-10109000
WHERE ID BETWEEN (highestID-10109000) AND highestID
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