Cisco cryptomap VPN *with* NAT

Ok, normally when we create crypto map VPNs we dont want NAT to take place. In this case, I need to perform NAT hide behind a single IP address across the VPN connection.

How is this achieved with a cryptomap VPN? Im pretty sure I could do it no problem with a GRE tunnel based VPN.
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alienXenoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can applu "ip nat oustside and "crypto map" on your WAN connectio nand use "ip nat isnide" on the LAN interface. You will then need to defin NAT POOL which will have aCL that will define which traffic needs to be NATted.
KlinkeyeAuthor Commented:
So is the order in packet processing something like this:
KlinkeyeAuthor Commented:
Was close to the final solution. A little more config was required in my case.
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