dd command

Ran a dd command to create a 10GB file on both Linux and AIX.
When issued top on Linux, saw only one process being used while on AIX in the ou
tput of topas, it was showing 2 lines for dd.
Does 2 lines in AIX's topas mean, AIX parallelizing the dd command operation?
Chakravarthi AyyalaDatabase AdministratorAsked:
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tangchunfengConnect With a Mentor Commented:
# ps -ef|grep dd
    root 282644 565384 120 16:48:49  pts/0  0:18 dd if=a.jar of=a.aa bs=1
    root 524420 282644 120 16:48:49  pts/0  0:22 dd if=a.jar of=a.aa bs=1

yes, one dd command forks a child process

CarlsbergFTWConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most likely, yes.
Chakravarthi AyyalaDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the timely response.
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