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Remote server can ping but clients cannot

I have created a site to site VPN. The remote server is connected to the main server and can ping it.
However the clients local to the remote server cannot ping the main site server.

This must be a configuration issue that i have missed. does anyone have any ideas?
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Is the device that sets up the site2site the same as the default gateway for the network? If not, the clients should get a router for the remote network through that device.
At the main site it is an SBS 2003 Standard
Remote site is Server 2008 R2.

Do you mean on the remote site clients - is the server 2008 r2 the gateway?
what are using for site to site VPN connectivity? any software or any hardware devices. The problem seems that is there is routing problem from one site to another,

windows server demand dial router but like i said the remote site can ping the main site when the vpn is connected.
So you set up the vpn from server to server?

If the server is the default gateway for the clients it must allow routing through the vpn for the clients.
If the server isn't the default gateway the clients must get a route to the remote network with the server as the gateway.
OK I think the problem is my remote clients are using the remote router as there gateway at the moment instead of the remote server.
If i change the gateway to the remote server do I need to do anything else on the remote server.
I already have a static route to setup, hence the remote server can ping the main server.
You don't have to change the gateway, you could just add a route (through DHCP):

Route add mask x.x.x.x (ip address of the server)
Paste config of the both the device and network diagram...
Remote Server - ipconfig /All
User generated image

Remote Desktop - ipconfig /All
User generated image
Remote ip setup is as follows:  -  local server  -  VPN Router / DSL connection
So try adding a route on a remote desktop pc:
route add mask
and see how that works.
no joy. attached is the command to add the route, a ping test and then a copy of the remote desktop route table.
 User generated image
i see that was added twice with two different gateways. I removed both and re-added one with gateway but it still failed to ping.
I was messing around with the routes on the remote server and now I cant even ping the main server from there.
Here is my netstat for the remote server.
Any help much appreciated.

 User generated image
after disconnecting the VPN connection the main site and reconnecting it the route table changed to the following:

 User generated image
from the setting you have done very things seems fine the only problem i think is the authentication of demand dial accounts,
i had similar problem but i had that with ISA 2004 site to site VPN. the issue was demand dial up account authentication from one side.

can you confirm the demand dial up account on both Local site and remote sites.

Your remote site will have an user account for the demand dial up connection for the local site for example on remote site you have to create a user local. and at the local site you have to create a user demand dial account as  remote. for example if vpn connection tries to be connected from remote site so the remote site will use the remote account located at local or main site for authentication, this is correct as your remote site can ping but you have to check this from your local site to remote site.

let me know how you are doing if needed i can send you some screen shots
Have a look at this:

Though this is a setup for two 2003 servers it might help you to see if you overlooked something.
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