Sharepoint 2010 Uploading a document that can be edited

I've just completed design of our inTRAnet using Sharepoint.  We're primarily using it to post documents and/or spreadsheets that are accessible to all end users.

We would like to place some very simple forms (Day-Off Request form, Leave of Absence form, etc.) that can be accessed by the end user.  Preferably, it would be a form with different fields (Name, Date, Reason to be off, etc.) to be filled in; then, sent via email to a department head.  It would need to be blank again upon closing so that the next end user to access the form couldn't see the data previously entered.

I'm thinking in terms of Adobe Pro to create the document, but that's a pricey solution if it would work at all.  I've seen some articles on InfoPath, but that seems to be a more powerful tool than what I need.

Any advice?
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ImaCircularSawConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Let me summarise the solution I propose then I'll point you in the direction of URLs for how to do it.

Firstly, read through a solution I wrote the other day with regards to how I would structure a SharePoint Intranet and some of the terminology.  It's important you understand tyhis before you start creating things:

Now you should understand where in the structure lists reside.  It is not a requirement that you keep any docunments, only list items with the right columns are required for what you want to do.

What I propose is that you creat a new custom list called Leave Requests and assign to it some columns that might be useful with their types:

Leave Requests
Reason (the original column bu renamed)  Single Line of Text
Date Starting (inclusive) Date/Time - Date only
Date Ending (inclusive) Date/Time - Date only

To create a custom list please see this video:§ion=2

OK, now we can simply create an alert to be sent to a particular user(s):

See this video for more information on lists and how to create alerts:

At this point you should be pretty much done, you have the information to do the following:

1) Create a custom list.
2) Create alerts that can be sent to users when an item is created in your list.

There is A LOT of information I could throw at you but this would be the most simple way to achieve what you've specified.  There are other ways but I suggest you get comfortable doing this first.

Let me know if you have any hang-ups.

I would recommend that you create a list to log all the requests.  You can alter the 'New' form if you want to and set up a workflow that will email the information from a list item for every new item.  This is fairly simple to achieve and can be done with SharePoint Designer.  Here are the steps I would take:

1)  Create a custom list.  Add all the columns you need to record.
2)  Connect to SharePoint with SharePoint Designer.
3)  Create a new workflow attached to your new custom list that takes all of the information you require to keep and email's it to the right address.

Alternativly, you could allow HR access to the list and set up an alert for them for each new added item.

I agree that Infopath might be a little OTT for this one.

Let me know if you have any questions.
baleman2Author Commented:
Bear with me as I grasp this.  My forte is maintaining hardware for our domain, but since I'm the "computer guy", I get handed a lot of tasks with which to familiarize myself.

Our inTRAnet has one main site with 5 different subsites - one for each of our company's departments.  So far, each department head has uploaded Excel spreadsheets and/or Word documents to his/her own subsite as needed.

As administrator, I have access to all the subsites.  Where do I create this custom list - in Central Administration?  Once created, do I copy/paste to the subsites?  Does this list present itself to the end user (who is filling it out) as a form or just a series of blanks?

Is there documentation from MS showing "how to"?

I've "upped" the points for this issue since I'm asking what are probably very basic questions.
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baleman2Author Commented:
I've got some work to do.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  Will report progress tomorrow.  Let's leave the question open for a bit in case I need some more info.
sabby447Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a list, Build this form as custom content type and you are done, You can set the approval process on list and then users dont even need to send email to managers with form, You can use everything in same list : 

Other solution : I think what you are really looking for is that you can uploading this doc and nobody should be able to make any changes right .. Let me know if that is not correct

for this : You can upload the document -> use the drop down and click item permission and add all authenticated users as read permission only and remove all other permissions for this document.. Your job is done
baleman2Author Commented:
ImaCircularSaw:  Great stuff - I'm viewing several of the tutorials now and all will help me finetune what I've already done.

sabby447:  Will start working on your proposals tomorrow.  

What I envisioned was this:  I have no problem creating forms with Adobe Pro - wherein labels ("date", "name", "department", "reason for dayoff request") would be on the form waiting for an end user to populate the fields next to the labels with correct information. I  upload this "blank" form to the appropriate subsite under "Shared Documents".  An inTRAnet user could then open the document, fill it out, and email it to the department head for approval.  While open on the inTRAnet, the end user could save his/her "copy" of this completed form to their own computer.  Then, closing the document without saving changes would return it to it's original, "blank" status, thus allowing the next end user who needed the form to open it - showing none of the information previously entered by the first end user.

Haven't decided yet; but, it looks as though your "list" solution might be an easier way to accomplish this.
The problem you have with Adobe products is the save/save as dialogue box does not have the right code behind it to allow saving directly to SharePoint.  You'll probably find you have to save a copy locally then upload if you want anything saving in SharePoint.  Also, SharePoint gives you all the tools to automate the process so why not cut out 3rd party software and use the web technologies that are already available to you in sharePoint.

If you want to get a better solution you might want to investigave web-enabled InfoPath forms.

To me streamlining the information and automoating processes through SharePoint is what it's all about and if you just use it to store documents you're really missing out on a lot of functionality!
baleman2Author Commented:
Thanks, guys, for pointing me in the right direction.  I'm going to use the "list" solution.  I need to start off with SharePoint on the right path, or I'll be re-learning things from this point forward.
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