Mailbox storage limit discrepancy

We have mailbox limits set on most all users mailboxes. I have Exchange setup to send warnings at the lower threshold, middle threshold, and of course when the storage threshold is reached. One of my users somewhat often receives threshold warning messages despite cleaning out email in Outlook. When I researched a bit as to why he is still getting warnings despite his Client (Outlook) folder size being under the threshold, I found he had a LOT of msgs accumulated in his Outbox in OWA. My question simply is why does this happen? Why is there a discrepancy between the Outlook Client and OWA such that you have to manually delete msgs in both areas? Is there a way to get around this so this (and any) user doesn't have to double his delete email work by also needing to go into Outlook?

A bit more info - we run Exchg 2K7 SP2 and Outlook 2K7; this user specifically has a laptop and I'm not sure at the moment if he runs Outlook in cached mode or not. To this point, this is the only person reporting the issue. Although, I know when I am in OWA at home, I see msgs in my OWA Outbox accumulated occasionally as well.

Thanks for your assistance!
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Recreate user mailbox again.
coolsport00Author Commented:
Recreating the mailbox isn't an option, not do I believe it's the correct solution. This isn't explicit necessarily to him. Any other suggestions?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
For one user, i normally recreate it or move it to some db, to verify if this is an issue with particular DB. You can move user to some other DB and test it.
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coolsport00Author Commented:
I will look into this 'fix' and let you know. It's not exactly what's happening, but close enough to try (closest I've found thus far). It may be a day or 2 before I can get the user available to test out, then after that, a few more days to verify if it works.

coolsport00Author Commented:
"amitkulshrestha" end user hasn't attempted the 'fix' in the KB you posted, but I'm not entirely confident it will work. Along with the Outbox folder in OWA, I have noticed this happening with other folders (in OWA). I found another article that discusses this issue a bit -; according to it, a reg hack PLUS hotfix may or may not resolve the issue. Their suggestion towards the end of the thread 'hopes' this known issue gets taken care of in the newest version (Office 2010). I will probably upgrade my Office to see if that is true. Thanks for your assistance.

coolsport00Author Commented:
Solution by "amitkulshrestha", though not entirely correct (I think), at least led me in a very positive direction in finding more info. The KBs posted by myself and "amitkulshrestha" may or may not resolve the issue described in my initial post.
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