VMware View Connection Server Install Error

I am installing a VMware .4.5 Connection server.  it is a windows 2008 32 bit box.  I have also tried 64 bit and R2 with the same error.

The software installs and then tries to install the ADAM and I get an error that says "
Error 28018. there was an error creating the Microsoft Directory Service Instance 'the wizard could not access the registry. Error code: 0x800706fd the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed

I have tried to remove the server from the domain and re- add it.  which is about all I can find regarding this issue.


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Randy_BojanglesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ALWAYS want to fix things before the forest boys do :-)

May be a red herring but it does seem to be pointing to something other than View at this stage

AD isn't my best subject (though not my worst either) so you may pick up some better help from another expert but I'll keep any eye open for the VM specific bits and help out where I can
have you tried completely disbling the windows firewall as this can stop View from communicating correctly

may not be  long term solution (though many peiople are happy to leave it off on servers that are not web facing) but may point you in the righ direction
lefty431Author Commented:
yeah, we did that.  no facing the internet, but we were to get the thinclients to take to the virtual desktops on RDP...

just need to get the broker issue solved..  
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this seems to be something that people experience with VC installs:

Have  alook at his and see if the registry editing at the end will work for you

lefty431Author Commented:
I think this might be related to another issue..  

when I open the remote desktop settings on the virtual computers, you know where you can add who has RDP access besides the admin?.

I add domain accounts, but when I go back and look at it they have a little picture of a head with a question mark...   ..
sounds like you may have some domin health issues

What are your DCs running as an O/S? What is the functional level of the domain? Are all of your FSMO roles in place and happy? What results does a DCdiag on the Dcs produce?

You may need to start a separate theread in the appropriate Windows Server zone but lets see how it looks first

lefty431Author Commented:
DC's are running 2008 server.  functional level is 2008.   FSMO roles seem happy.  Can't find anything that would tell me otherwise.  I'm going to look at DCdiag.  

we are part of a large forest so I have the forest admin's looking at it also..   I will move to windows zone and you can respond there for points..  if we can get it worked out.. I would like to fix it before the forest ADMINS do..  
Chris HibbertConnect With a Mentor IT Technical LeadCommented:
I have found that most 90%+ of VM products need to right click run as administrator on Windows 2008 regardless of whether you are a domain administrator or not, something to do with registry changes etc. Not sure if you've tried this but saved me alot of hassles during my upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 and the upgrade to VMView.......

Might be worth trying.


lefty431Author Commented:
Yeah, I did that.  thanks...
lefty431Author Commented:
neither one of these solutions solved the problem.  but they were not wrong either.  ended up being a completely different issue in AD but you get the points for trying.  thanks
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