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How to automaticaly dismiss overdue reminder

We a user that access about 15 calendars and she gets about 5000 reminders and that's her a good 5 minutes for outlook to load, most of them are overdue, is there a way to automaticaly dismiss overdue reminders?
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David Lee
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Hi, nourben.

I can do it with a script in Outlook.  Is that an acceptable option?
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It's acceptable for me.  Can you pls assist with this?  
Love to.  Here's a link to a post on my blog where I show how to do this.
Funny, I saw this before signing up for Experts-Exchange.  Thanks for this but I'm trying to determine how to do this in Outlook 2010.  
That will work in 2010 also.
I suppose my issue is then that I don't see how to get into Visual Basic Editor.  The closest I can come to finding anything about macros is under Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > macro settings.  How do the steps relate to 2010?
Sorry, I thought you were saying that you didn't think the solution would work for 2010.  I haven't written step by step instructions for 2010 yet.  ALT+F11 will open the editor.  
I didn't know about Alt-F11 -- Thank you!  I was able to walk my way through creating the macro and is brought me down from 81 to 51 to 36 to 21 to 15 > I had to re run the macro a few times, but still, it worked!!  Now to apply it to my managers system where he has hundreds of old reminders.  Thanks mate.  
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Sorry, but I have to object to the notion that I "Did not get the right answer".  The solution I posted works.  How is that not the right answer?
My recommendation is to accept post http:a35444713 as the answer and award it the points.  The solution does work, as verified by rmcxb.  The initial post did have a a minor code error which I corrected in the post I'm recommending.