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Folder redirection in SBS 2008

Hello Everyone,
We have a client that has a sbs2008 machine. Currently, we do manual folder redirection. Im looking to implement a GPO that would automate this process for new and existing users. My concern is that when we implement the GPO it will break the current manual folder redirection.

With folder redirection the gpo would create a directory for the user and then redirect the appropriate folders. If the directory already exists for that user what happens? Will it write over the folder or just ignore it and assume the redirection took place?

I just want to be sure that I wont break existing redirection.
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That sounds like a better Idea but will it break existing folder redirection?
what do you have redirected now?
The worst that would have to do is iff you are using offline files and folders that you may have to reset the cache for them.

you go into the offline files and folders config on the workstations. make sure you are sure that the data is backed up. maybe move it to another local folder on that machine to be safe then reinitiate the cache. I think the key combo in the offline files config is CTRL+SHIFT then click delete. or CTRL click delete or Shift then click delete.  You know you will have the right one when it happens because it will ask you to reboot the machine to reinitialize the cache.

The previous IT management company created folders for each user on a server share and did manual redirection for the users My docs folder. If i implement redirection via the SBS console will it break the existing manual redirection?
I'm trying to implement redirection for users that don't have it while not breaking redirection for users that already do.
Also 2008 wont redirect until the 3rdish login by that user.
Sorry to keep posting.  ;)

How many users are we talking?
About 15. Id say 10 already have manual redirection setup where 5 do not.
not very many then.. I would make sure it is backed up.

Redirect the folders and since there are so few users if you have to manually copy their data in I would do that if it doesnt get redirected. It should do it automatically though if I remember right.