XenCenter License Renewal Problems

We currently have XenServer 4.1 and XenServer 5.5 running.  These are the free versions.

I am using XenCenter 5.5 to manage them.

According to articles like this:  http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX123999

You are supposed to easily renew the license files.... but that option is not available for me.  Any other way to renew the license files or in 21 days am I just screwed when it expires
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l8rgdkdConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turns out 4.1 is not support anymore, so I had to upgrade my 4.1 XenServer to 5.6 in order to get a new license.
Following the article, in the licensing tools, there is a link to activate or renew the license once it enters the warning period.  You should have the options to activate and then apply the license.  For sake of ease, here is the link:

http://deliver.citrix.com/go/citrix/xenserver_activation?transactionID=<some long hash>

<some long hash> will be unique to your xenserver and is vital to the activation process.  That's why you HAVE to run it through XenCenter, and you have to be running XenCenter 5.0 SP3 at least to have that option.  Recommend you download at least the latest XenCenter (5.6 FP1) for guaranteed functionality.
If this was a sufficient answer, please assign points appropriately.  If not, please ask further questions for clarification.  Thanks.
l8rgdkdAuthor Commented:
Accepting own solution because thats what I did
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