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Manually removing DC from Domain

Someone previously removed an old DC (this used to be the only DC) from my domain a while back.  I keep finding remnants of this old server in AD and DNS.  What is the best practice for cleaning up AD/DNS to remove this old server.
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Also the metadata cleanup does not always remove the DC (server object) under Sites and Services. So it should be manually removed.

What are these remnants you refer to ? the _msdcs specific records ?
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Yes, there is an entry in DNS under "my domain.local" > _msdcs for the server.  The strange thing is that this is the only server listed under this section.  Should I add my 2 new DCs and remove the old one here?
The other two DCs should have already register these SRV records on their. Restarting Netlogon service can accomplish that unless there is any issue from DCs standpoint i.e dynamic registration

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*The other two DCs should have already registered these SRV records on their own*.

The bunk record (old/dead DC) needs to be deleted.
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The other two servers appear to have their records in all the right places, except for the one I mentioned above.  Can I just add them manually?
Well, they may not be needed, depending on where you are looking under the _msdcs node.

If you are looking under _sites than the only DC belonging to that site should have an SRV record there and it is possible that site only had the bad DC in it.

The _tcp node on the other hand should have all the live writable DCs with their _kerberos, _ldap, _kpassed etc SRV records.

See the fourth link provided.
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Thank you for all your help.