Php wont display errors

I have ubuntu server 10.10 running apache2.
phpinfo() states that display_errors is off.

in my php.ini (development) file - i have it set on
display_errors = 'on'

Yet, I made a page with intentional errors that aren't showing up.
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try In .htaccess:
display_errors = 1
php_value error_reporting 2147483647
ImaginxAuthor Commented:
there is no /htaccess file in any of the www directories
you must create an .htacces file in the directory where you want apply the effect. The effect will be applicated in all sub-directory

here you can found a good documentation of the .htaccess file
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ImaginxAuthor Commented:
WhiteSeed, can you explain this to me ::

"You should avoid using .htaccess files completely if you have access to httpd main server config file."

This is right in the beginning of that link you sent me to....

If I have access to the httpd.conf file - should I look into that first ??
htacces are for the users that can't edit the httpd file if you have access to this file i think that with the same code you can do it:
<Directory "<...>/html/beta/usercomponent">
php_value error_reporting 2147483647
ImaginxAuthor Commented:
Ok, so I'm going to add this block into the httpd.conf ..

<Directory "/var/www">
php_value error_reporting 2147483647
if you have problem add to display_errors = 1
ImaginxAuthor Commented:
Whiteseed, I haven't been back to that office to play with the server - I will post what I find when I'm back there. Sorry to not have been able to test it sooner.
ImaginxAuthor Commented:
reinstalled the php5 module into linux ... (left setting default on reinstall)

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ImaginxAuthor Commented:
reinstall module displayed errors
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