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Hi guys,

I am doing a server this week audit I've got over 200 SCSI/SAS drive I need to format.

I thought the best way to do this is to get a SCSI to USB adapter and format it just using disk management within Windows.

I've done it before with sata/ide drives, but when I’ve had a look online for the adapter there is no mention of SCSI hard drive adapter’s only adapters for things such as printers/scanners ect.

Would this adapter work for hard drives?

If so could you recommend a site or a product to me?

Thank you
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That product has been discontinued
Not sure how successful you will be with a SCSI to USB adapter. There are some out there that say they will connect a scsi hd to a usb port but you will have to make sure the connectors match. You will most likely need drivers as well. Why can't you format the drives in the servers? Why do you need to take them out?
Adaptec has a similar product too:
That's also discontinued, but maybe you can find something similar on eBay or something...
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It will ultimately cost you less to just buy a cheap SCSI controller.  The format command runs within the HDD firmware itself so there is no bandwidth saturation issue.   You can get SCSI controllers, literally, out of garbage cans behind used equipment dealers because they are so plentiful and nobody is buying them anymore ;)
The storage facility we are using has no power outlets so we cant boot the servers atall the plan was to take all the drives back to the office and format them their.

I would of thought that if i can get a adapter it would be plug and play i wasnt aware that SCSI drives have different connectors??

dlethe could you go into abit more detail how i would format them using that method
and also how would i power the drive if i was to use a adapter
You would have to power the drives using an power adapter.  Do you know if all the drives are the same SCSI type? there are several SCSI connector types. What you are trying to do is going to be much more time consuming than you think it is.
The Adaptec BIOS has an embedded format command that you can select from the menu, or you can obtain some software that will do this.  But such low-level formatting isn't necessary. The only time you need to do this is if you change block size, like from 520 to 512 bytes/block.

What are you trying to accomplish?  If you are trying to erase the HDD contents, for compliance reasons, then formatting won't do it.  you need to perform a "Secure Erase".  
Ive attached a picture of the scsi connector type, i dont see where the power adapter would connect to.

I just need these drives to be quickly formatted it doesnt matter what level of formatting is used.

Im running out of ideas idealy I need a usb to scsi adapter or another fairly quick method and i need it fast,

Thanks for the advice so far
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