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Install Windows 7 64 on Asus MB

I am trying to install windows 7 on my new Asus m4a88t-m mobo.  I cannot figure out what drivers that Windows is looking for.  I inserted the ASUS cd that came with the mobo, but cannot find the driver it is looking for.
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Can you ellaborate? Did you get Windows 7 installed and are missing drivers to a particular device?

in device manager.  right click on the object in question and choose properties.  then click on the Details tab.  Then in the property dropdown choose Hardware ID.  type the first line value exactly into this question post and I will be able to assist.
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I am trying to INSTALL?  It is asking for drivers.
Exact wording of what you're seeing? How far into the installation process have you gotten? The m4a88t-m mobo is completely compatible with both 32 and 64 bit Win 7, so you shouldn't need to install any drivers whatsoever until you get to the desktop..

The one exception would be SATA drivers - is Win7 recognizing your hard disks?
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can the install dvd see your drives? (how did you set up your hard drives? AHCI/Compatible/Enhanced? are you using the intel raid?
Which drivers?  

drivers ... means your media (or drive) is probably bad.
Hard drive ... means you need drivers for your SATA controller - they may not be on your "disk" ... get them from Asus' website, under Utilities, RAID/AHCI.
Well I am loading Win 7 w/ sp1 I wonder if that makes a difference.    There are drivers on the Asus disk but it does not like them.  I tried them all.   The only other thing that may be affecting things is that the Cd/DVD drive is also a blu ray burner, but it boots to the DVD just fine obviously.  Could that be an issue?
Which drivers does it says it needs?  What exactly does it say?

Blu-ray ... probably not.
SP1 ... probably not, but ... where did you get it?  Did you slipstream SP1?  Download it from MSDN/TechNet?
I will have to run it again to get the verbiage.  Basically it says I need drivers.  Doesn't say which.  I downloaded it from the Action Pack Partner site.
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I am fine now.  I download and burned a different Win7.ISO from the MS Site.  Just like you said it didn't need anything.  It even saw my RAID array.   How is it that the windows image doesn't have the LAN drivers though? Seems like a pretty basic thing that has been around for a long time.  Can't imagine the technology has changed much.
I think you picked the wrong answer :)

"CD/DVD drivers ... means your media (or drive) is probably bad."

Since downloading it again fixed it, that confirms the above answer (bad media) was the right one.

There are many different LAN drivers, making it impossible to contain them all, so Windows has the most common.  Since there is no "one driver to rule them all", sometimes it is required to get the right one (from the XP days, LAN drivers were never included ... at least you have a good chance of it with W7).