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mySQL stops working, kills website completely

I have a fairly traffic heavy site that works for a while without issue then completely stops working due to what we believe is a mysql crash/issue... Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas to help us figure this out... Are there any tools or anything that I can use to troubleshoot this issue?  The only thing that is working to get it back up and running is restarting the mysql service and restarting iis then it will work for some time before it crashes again.
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Steve Bink
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>>> due to what we believe is a mysql crash/issue

What evidence do you have that lends towards that conclusion?  Have you examined any of the MySQL logs?  Have you attempted to troubleshoot the MySQL server during an outage?  Have you created any trace code to find out when/where outages occur in your application?
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Well in all honesty I can't say for sure that is the situation... But basically it seems like after some time IIS is refusing to open connections to mysql... When I log into the server I'm able access mySQL command line... We've checked all the obvious things like unclosed connections etc but nothing really stands out... We are just looking for some avenues to go down to figure this out... Does anyone have any suggestions to help figure out where this is going wrong..  Restarting IIS and mysql service do free it up again and allow it to work for some time.  I'll throw in some trace code to see what I can see when it stops working...
Next time, try just restarting IIS.  If that alone brings services back up, then it looks like an IIS issue.  What version of IIS are you using?  Is this application written in .NET?
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Could you elaborate a little more on the resolution you found?
found the solution ourselves