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Is there a way to downgrade an existing 2008 R2 domain controller to an RODC?

I have a domain controller that i want to move to a branch office in preparation for a big data center move where branch office may be disconnected from VPN for a while. Is it possible to 'downgrade' my current server so that it is read-only? Thanks.
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Glen Knight
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Repromoting as RODC is the only option.
RickSheikh, please read all previous posts before posting, if you have nothing of value to add then please refrain from posting.  All you did was repeat what had already been said.
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nah- rick posted like 2 seconds after the other post. I did not even see his post until i pressed- accept as sollution and it popped up.
It was actually 10 minutes.
Demazter :

I must say "wow". I am part of many listmails and forums, I have never seen such an outrage over a slim possibility of losing "points" or "answers". I had clicked on the notification email from my mailbox and had the browser opened while I got distracted by coworker and your reply had preceded mine before I commented without any knowledge of your comment. (Usually I hit referesh but this I missed)

Besides, you can have the points as this is not what I am primarily after. As a community contributor I realize that even If I had commented with the same answer (knowingly) it often puts the OP at comfort for the desired answer as the question now has two people with same opinion.

mdoolittle :

What was the mishap here ? as you did what you should have done i.e accepted the "right" first answer as you saw fit which was demazter's in this instance?
I have no problem at all with anyone :-) i was just saying that I did not have my browser refreshed either and your comment was so close that I could understand why you posted 'same' answer. I don't understand the issue either. Thanks to both of you!
There is no issue, its just happening all too often at the moment where people are repeating posts that have already been posted.  It happens, unfortunately too much.
It happens on the TechNet DS forums a lot too, what happened to Rick here has happened to me plenty of times (window open and a boss or co-worker comes in).

In the end I'm happy to have guys like Glenn and Rick here at is good for everyone!