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Search many Zip Files

Our email system does a backup each day of all email sent and received, and stores it in a directory with the date stamp, so:



I now have to provide all emails from from 2010-10-01 to 2010-12-31.  Of course, this is impossible to do until I unzip everything!

There has got to be a way to automate this!  I have tried Recoll, but I must be doing something wrong, every search returns nothing (even searching items I KNOW are there).

Appreciate any help!
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It can sure be scripted very easily.  But I would need more information.

First step is to unzip those files to a directory.
Then command to upzip all would look like this, may be not exactly

for m in {10..12}
    for d in $(seq -w 01 31)
        unzip -j mail/$date/$

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Then get one email and then the question would become, how to extract the emails you want from those files.
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Your bash script is a little beyond me (as I fiddle with the variables,lol).  All the directories that I need to step through are in one top level dir (/mail).  

So could we say

for all directories in /mail
unzip the zip in each directory.

For the 2nd part of your question, each email is extracted with a unique time stamp for that day, so once unzipped, each dir will include every email sent and received that day.  I can then grep or egrep for a person's email address that I need.

First part.
I would like to keep your zip files intact.  So, please put those to a new location, say test folder.  This way you would not regret.

Second part, I would need to see the file structure to construct a regular expression for extraction because, I am expecting emails to be in the following format



I think you want to get the emails along with the body, so I need to setup a rule like
start from a line that contains this specific field and end with a line where you see this.
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If I unzip one of the zips, I get files like this:


So as you can see, each email is self-contained.  If I do a cat or a less of the file, I can see all the headers as well as the body.  So I just need to walk through each directory and unzip.
Ok, I would give you the code if you answer three questions.

In an email, is there a field in the header called from: something like this.  I want the exact syntax.

Second, should I follow exactly this directory structure?

Third, what should be the file or folder where I save it?
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Change line 13 above to:
unzip mail/$date/$ -d $TMP