ASA 5520 and MS TMG Server

We have this ASA connected to Cisco 6506 switch:
VLAN 30 subnet for TMG internal on the switch the interface VLAN 30 is
VLAN 36 subnet for TMG external on the switch the interface VLAN 36 is
inside LAN subnets:
Subnets through the LAN connect to our HQ:
DMVPN subnet this one connected to Cisco 2821 DMVPN router
we added this TMG-IN and OUT recently they are trying to configure Microsoft TMG server to be in a DMZ kind of thing.  When they configure static route on the TMG server (interface VLAN 30 on the switch) as a next hob they can ping everything on the LAN and it looks like everything open wide! from network  to 172.x.x.x network and I don’t see the traffic coming to the ASA for the network! I asked them to configure static route on the TMG server (Interface TMG-IN on ASA) as next hob but as soon as they do that they lose connectivity and I see this in the ASA log:
 Asymmetric NAT rules matched for forward and reverse flows; Connection for tcp  80 172.24.21.x src TMG-IN denied due to NAT reverse path failure

Network diagram and ASA config are attached.
Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you,

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Ernie BeekConnect With a Mentor ExpertCommented:
I assume you put in the nat0 statements because you don't want to nat between the 10.10.10.x and 172.24.21.x networks?

If so, lets try this another way and see if we first can get this connected.

Remove the
nat (TMG-IN) 0
and add
static (inside,TMG-IN) netmask

And see how that works out.

VLAN 30 subnet for TMG internal
So the traffic is coming into the TMG servers internal interface?

And the traffic is actually sourced from other subnets, routed over the DMVPN?

If the source subnet is defined as internal, then the TMG server is going to allow connections.
modathirAuthor Commented:
Still anything accessable from LAN to TMG and TMG to LAN and when I filter the log on ASA with 10.10.10 I don't see any traffic on that network!!!!!
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Do you have a network diagram?
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
So tell us, what did you change?
modathirAuthor Commented:
Hi erniebeek:
I did your changes but still no luck! Finally were able to fix it, it was a routing issue, I made the connection from the switch to the ASA layer 2 connection removed the VLAN interface 30 from the switch and added static route (the inside interface on the ASA) and that resolved the problem.
erniebeek I will give the points your answer was part of the solution ,  Thanks everyone!
modathirAuthor Commented:
This answer was part of the solution.
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Thank you, glad I could help.
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