Where to find pictures and short videos of a futuristic city.

Hello to everyone.

I'm trying to make the 2D cartoonized version of the movie Blade Runner. My version will be not identical to the movie. I have another story to tell and I want that it is set in a new sci-fi and futuristic city,also to avoid any copyright problem. Since I want to make a 2D version of the movie and not the 3D,I need to find pictures and short videos of a futuristic city (they should be taken inside the buildings,with walls,chairs,doors,and outside,like streets,roads,floor,plants,moving starships) that I will use to make moves the characters using a dedicated 2D animation software.  
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flyingsquirelConnect With a Mentor Commented:

All available to purchase various licences to the images but most are fine with the normal licence.
marietto2008Author Commented:
This is not the right solution 4 me,the images are very expensive.
That is as cheap as it gets sorry mate. Royalties on legitimate images are VERY expensive. Those 2 sites are probably the cheapest legitimate source there is.
marietto2008Author Commented:
I understand. Since I haven't the budget to buy legitimate photos,maybe I can use some kind of software that's able to generate 3D sci-fi videos whence I can extract the pictures I want. Can you suggest to me any ?
marietto2008Author Commented:
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