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how to export attachment with the list and list data in sharepoint 2007

I have a long custom list and each row containing attachment also.I need to export the list along with the attachment ,how it possible ,please help.
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You can export using SharePoint deployment wizard : 

or you can export the site using stsadm

First option should get you what you need

You didn't say what format you want to export the list in.  If you are wanting to export the data, rather than the list definition, then here are a couple of easy ways:

With the list open in your browser, click the "Actions" menu and then click "Export to Spreadsheet".  With the data open in the spreadsheet you can then copy the values out of the sheet into another and then save in whatever format you like.

Alternatively connect to the list using Access 2007 or Access 2010 and then export the data.
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Sorry i didnt mention that i want to export in excel sheet only and i know that is simply possible with easy export feature but i want to export the list along with the attachment in excel sheet ,how it possible,please help. and yes also i m working with sharepoint 2007.
Do you really want the attachments to be embedded in the Excel spreadsheet, or do you want the attachments stored in a folder with just the filename stored in the Excel sheet?

There isn't an out-of-the-box way to do this.  If you have Access, you can use that and export to Excel from there, like this:

Otherwise you'll need some custom code.  Have you done any SharePoint development?
Hi yes client wants the attachents to be embedded in the Excel spreadsheet but yes as you said its not possible with out-of-the-box.but the other way the MSAceess, i can see some possibilities but i think this will not wok with our requirement.
Well today i came to know i need to export one row in excel sheet not all the data means ,actually i have a "issue request form" data/list and let say if this form containing 50 user requests then each row (each user issue request form data) data need to export in excel sheet to maintain each user issure request form...with attachement (Well for the attachment ,i will check some other alternate) but i need to export data in excel sheet row by row not all the data/list at once.
Is that possible with SP out-of-the-box or whats the other solution
(As i told you client is not allowing us for any custom .net/ coding for any requirement)
Please suggest....need reply
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whatever soluction i have find out means Out_of-Box sharepoint.I think yes we have to do with VBA
only ...
i need answer in more explainatry  way

I would have been happy to explain the solution further, but you have already closed the question.