How to prevent users from saving to desktop on TS?

How to prevent users from saving to desktop on the Terminal server but allowing them the use of shortcuts on the terminal server desktop? is there a way to do it via GPO?

Please advise.
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DonConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
This appears to have some of your symptoms

look at method 3

For the "Active Directory Users and Computers Access Denied"

Can you open mmc and then add/remove snap-in ?  or browse to "c:\windows\system32\dsa.msc" and right click properties and make sure that it's not set to open with "Unknown application".

You may also need to check the same with mmc.exe.
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
How about using folder redirection for "Desktop" and make the folder read only ?
etraxlerAuthor Commented:
Everybody is setup with Remote Desktop Services User Profile. I did setup to read. However, I got "Active Directory Users and Computers Access Denied", "C:TSusers\helpdesk.V2\Desktop\desktop.ini access denied".
etraxlerAuthor Commented:
Partially resolved the issue.
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