AD account deleted but not the mailbox (Exchange 2k3) - how can I connect a user to it

Someone (long story) deleted a user account but not the exchange mailbox.  I have created a temp user account but don't know how to connect it to the mailbox.  Is this posisble and how?

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GDavis193Author Commented:
Not applicable - in step 1 it references deleteing the mailbox from the user account in AD.  That user account was already deleted.
Stewart BeelConnect With a Mentor Senior Technical AnalystCommented:
Just skip step 1, the article still seems valid for your question

Also this article describes how to recover a deleted AD account if that is something you want to do
GDavis193Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
nevermind - I figured it out.

I just had to run the cleanup agent first then the document worked fine.

GDavis193Author Commented:
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