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Hello again. I would like some help because I cant figure out where to head to for having a result in what i want to do. Actually what i need is to built a server system that will be used as File, mail, printer and web server . So instead of buying licenses and so on I decided to make my first steps in linux systems. A friend of mine told me to use debian as more stable. And i heard that the first steps of samba 4 were made. so I installed debian with success in an amd64 machine and install also webmin. But i dont have any idea of linux and stopped there. What i figured out first of all is that there are no packages for samba 4 for amd64 machines. I dont know if i am wrong in that. Secondly i would like some tutorials step by step for example videos or an ebook or something like that with exactly step by step tutorial and no general knowledge to guide me how i can make a server for file web print and mail server. At last i would like  if it is possible to install zibra and use it for mail. I know that i am asking too many but I dont know also lots of things and i would like to enter the world of open sourse. Thanks in advance
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Pieter JordaanConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems Administrator - Web hosting and Network Security.Commented:

Webmin can be very nice if you only do what it supports, but it can also cause more problems than what it fixes.

The fastest way to get where you are heading, is to use a pre-packaged system like the old ebox, now called Zentyal
This has all the packages you need, and the configuration is web based.

If you want to really know how everything works, and know your way around unix, then use one of the main line nixes like Ubuntu. This will have the samba and other packages you require. But, you will have to read the manuals of everything and get frustrated many times before it works.
Is that what you mean?

There's a link with video demonstrations at the start of the document.
alexjfisherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't want to be using samba 4 in production and especially not if you're a linux novice.

Samba 3 on the other hand is very stable and well documented.  If can serve as a simple windows file server as well as an NT4 style domain controller (but NOT as an active directory style domain controller).  When combined with cups, it works well as a print server as long as your printer is well supported in Linux (hp printers are probably the best supported)

Linux is arguably the best platform for being a web server (typically using apache) and also perfect for running mail servers (most people use postfix these days)

Each of your server tasks (file,print,web,mail) can be massive subjects.  I don't think you'll find a single tutorial that will cover them all (at least not well).

Tackle each server task one at a time.  A simple web server setup is probably the easiest to get going.
mmitechnicAuthor Commented:
Ok I will leave out for the moment samba 4 but it would be very nice if I could have a tutorial so I could start from somewhere. Actually i installed webmin and all the tutorials i found are general and a little bit confused me. I would like a tutorial to help me understand the way that the samba 3 works and how we set it up and share files between clients that uses windows environments like windows 7 or xp. Also security settings and how we give the rights. And then mail server. Actually what I like to manage is that i could have a common mailbox between users so when someone of the users delete a mail the other can see and not use the same.
mmitechnicAuthor Commented:
Actually I tried debian so far with webmin. I managed to make the samba shares but i have a problem setting up the mail server because i dont know much about linux. I was thinking of installing zimbra as mailserver but i dont know if this in a good idea too. What i really need is a full tutorial of setting up linux server with full services. but i dont know where to find one.
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