Fulll Audit of Exchange delegation permissions in Exchange 2003

I know it's possible to get a list of users that have delegates for Exchange Server 2003, and even to see who those delegates are, but is it possible to find out what the actual permissions are for, say, all the calendars in an organization, or even all objects in an organization, and what permissions each delegate has (reviewer, published, editor, etc.).

So your export would look something like this:

OU               Name                       Folder Type                      Delegate                                    Permission
abc.com       Bob Jones                Calendar                          Cindy wright                              Publisher
abc.com       Ted Jones                Contacts                           john johnson                             Reviewer

and etc.
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is not possible, the permissions are set within the mailbox itself and there's no way to automatically track this.
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