Password Change Dlg in OraOleDB


I am using VB.NET code with OraOLEDB provider to logon to Oracle 10g database.
In the connection string I have used PwdChgDlg=1 option.

When password expires oracle pops up Change password dialog, but after supplying
Old password, New password and Retype New password I'm getting
Ora-00988: Missing or Invalid password(s) error.

Request anyone of you to help me in this regards.

Thanks in Advance.
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POracleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are 3 text box in your dialog box...

First textbox require Current password
and other 2 textbox require new password.

If you give wrong password in first textbox it may give error invalid password. Are you sure you are passing correct password here.

Read Manual of Oracle for possible password and allowed character combination. Follow rule for new password.

Your password is probably not valid.

If the password is not enclosed in quotes then it can include any letter, any digit "_ " "# " or "$ " characters. Only a letter can be used in the first character.

Please try to provide a password according to that and retry.
mdasifsAuthor Commented:
Thanks elimesika ..

But I'm entering password in OraOleDB Provider provided dialog box, do i need to include quotes in that dialog box? I am not using Alter user command .. to change password

When you include PwdChgDlg=1 in connection string you will get Oracle Ole provided dialog box on Password expiry.

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and what is the password that you are trying to enter ??
Is your password starting with number?

This  link might help.  Start reading from "Re: procedure to change password [message #426160 is a reply to message #426159]"

test with password= expert

Let us know whether this password works or not?
mdasifsAuthor Commented:
it doesn't work.. getting the same error Ora-00988: Missing or Invalid password(s) error.
DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
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