How to Remove XP Anti-Spyware

Does anyone know how to manually remove the XP Anti-Spyware Virus?
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CHutchinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
use these tools
Avast boot time scan

Between the 4 you will get it removed.  Sometimes it only takes combofix sometimes it takes more depending on the version and level of infection
Here are step-by-step removal instructions:

Note: Bleepingcomputer is a very trustworthy source and ranks among the number one PC security sites in the internet. It can be relied upon. The link above given by hosneylk, on the other hand, goes to a site that is not known and not trustworthy. Practically all the sites that Google gives on the first two pages of hits are dubious and look fishy. I should warn to download anything from there.

Please do not forget that XP Antispyware is already a fake spyware remover; it wouldn't be the first time that the makers of such malware put up one or more fake cleaning sites as well.
Run CCleaner.

Try using SUPERAntiSpyware as well.
I usually use a combination of both:

Superantispyware and combofix to get rid of most spyware.  

Here is an article on combofix
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