Adding a Ribbon to Excel 10 for a custom template


I'd like to a ribbon to a to Excel 10 that is attached to either an xltm or xlsm file.  I'm placing the files in xlstart so they are automatically opened with Excel.  When I use the xlsm file the file actually becomes the active workbook (bad) and the ribbon appears (good).  With the xltm file the ribbon does not appear and nor does the document open.

I'd like the ribbon to appear for all workbooks in excel.  I'm using the tool for xml editing that I downloaded here:

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SiddharthRoutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Simply Save the xlsm file as an Addin.

In File Save As, select "Excel -Add-In" as save as type. The Add-In will be saved to the Add-In Folder. You can then install the Add-In as mentioned in this link.

For that you will have to convert it to an Add-In and then install it so that it will appear in all Excel files. That is what I have done :)

eshurakAuthor Commented:
How do I convert it to an "Add-in"?
eshurakAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sid,

Again I miss the old easier way of just saving a template to xlstart.
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