Dell Inspiron 1525 ram error

when computer boots up in one ram slot works perfectly. When it boots with both ram chips in both slots i get a "STOP 0x0000008e" ERROR
so i try both ram chips in each different slot and it works fine but when together it doesn't.
the ram is 2GB 2Rx8 PC2-6400S-666-12 HYNIX (A)
2GB 2Rx8 PC2-6400S-666-12 HYNIX (B)
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sjklein42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When both memory chips are installed they are running in DDR mode (essentially doubling the memory bandwidth).  My guess is that it is ok when they run in non-DDR (slow) mode, but one of the chips can't handle DDR mode.  So it will only fail when both chips are plugged in, but we can't tell which chip is bad.

This is a likely explanation for why it only fails with both chips installed.

But not easy to test without a spare good chip to swap with.
Maybe there's only a problem when running the memory in DDR mode.

It still is probably a bad chip but hard to tell which one without another good one.
Angus_08Author Commented:
I have 2 ram chips and have tried them both seperately in each slot... it works fine when only one is in either slot but when both chips are in the 2 slots it gives me the STOP ERROR above and restarts.
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Sounds like of course both RAM are good and working.....only thing I can think from the testing you have done so far is it has to be software related....if you have system restore enabled you may want to boot to safe mode and restore to when it was working last.

If no system restore is being used then a MEMTEST would be the first route and you may be looking at a backup and then reinstall OS.....GL

Let me know if safe mode boot is working also....if it does you might be able to use a bsod viewer to see if a driver or software is causing the issues
Angus_08Author Commented:
Hello There Its a Fresh install done mem test it came back good tested single chip
Are you able to boot to a safe mode.  I have had a few dells have some issues after the install of the roxio software that comes with them.   If you have that installed, uninstall it from safe mode or with a single ram installed and reboot with both installed and see if it helps.
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